About Me

I'm thrilled to introduce myself—a passionate advocate for agriculture and community development. My journey began at Auburn University, where I studied agricultural communications. With a degree in hand and a desire to get back to the family farm, I ventured back to my Kentucky roots in 2022. There, I assumed the role of Director of Marketing and Communications for Henderson Economic Development.

Currently, I thrive in the dynamic field of economic development, where agriculture and manufacturing stand as the backbone of local economies. In my role, I narrate the stories behind diverse businesses - from large-scale industries to small family farms. 

I am also the proud owner of Local Leaf, a small business where I grow, sell, and market microgreens to local consumers. From the initial seed to the final product, I use innovative marketing strategies and clear communication to share the benefits of fresh, locally-grown produce.

Outside of nurturing my business and working my 8-5, you'll often find me in my backyard greenhouse, farming corn and soybeans alongside my dad, enjoying outdoor adventures with my husband, or playing with my dogs!